stylish taiyaki shop in fukuoka

I visited “Hiiragi” which is a stylish taiyaki shop.

It is said that this shop opened in September, 2013.


The shop is based on a Japanese style and we feel comfortable.

When we go inside, we get hungrier because of fragrance.

If you are on a diet, I couldn’t recommend.



This is ideally located because it is a walking distance from exit 5 of Akasaka Station in Daimyo.

I think this taiyaki is suited to a present of appreciation.






I like this shop all the better because they are kind enough to give us taiyaki-no-mimi in a small bag. Taiyaki-no-mimi is the outer part of fish-shaped.

Which part of taiyaki do you eat at first?

I eat the top as if I were an animal.

I heard people who eat the top at first are brave enough to make an approach to someone.

I wouldn’t be so brave when it comes to love…

I am, if anything, too shy to make an approach to a woman.

I am sorry for digression…

This taiykaki is crispy and it has enough beans from head to tail. This is the very taiyaki.

I really like elastic texture of taiyaki but crispy one is also delicious.

When you go around Daimyo, please visit here.








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