Japanese company and International students exchanging party

Japanese company and International students exchanging party

Japanese company and International students exchanging party Vol.3
December 4 (Tue) 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m
Fukuoka Tenjin, Chuo-ku, 4-3-20
8th floor North Tenjin “Great FUN Wedding”
Presented by Specified Nonprofit Corporation ASIA
Assisted by What’s Fukuoka
Japanese Companies 4,000yen/Person
International Students 1,000yen/Person
(We cannot accept for Japanese)
NPO ASIA will launch the ASEAN recruit business to matching the International students and Japanese companies.

In order to base for excellent human resources in Asia which can be gathered in Fukuoka,
we will strongly support the overseas expansion of Japanese companies through internship.

International students who wish to work in Japan is pleased to announce the students and corporate exchange meetings to participate.

If you would like to hire the international students in the new, those who are aiming to expand overseas, please join us.


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Japanese company and International students exchanging party



What kind of person participates?
A lot of students studying in the university of Fukuoka Prefecture participate.

Is it all right even if I can't speak English?
Yes,it is all right.There are some people who can speak English.Don’t worry.

What is the ratio of a Japanese and the foreigner?
The Japanese is 60%.The foreigner is 40%.

How many people do you gather every time?
We will gather more than 100 people every month! You can become friends with a lot of people.

Is it also possible to participate in one person?
It’s all right.Don’t worry.You can make a lot of friends through the barbecue.

I want to go to the party with my friends.
Please come and tangle your friends by all means and take a moment to fill out your friends name when you apply.

I might be late.
Middle-of-game-way exit, are welcome!

Dive participation is also available on the day!
Yes, it is okay! Please feel free to come

Are you looking for event staff?
Of course! Please feel free to contact us from here if you are interested.



Comming Soon!!



Please read carefully the folowing rules.


  • For any trouble during the event, after the meeting, GUSK is not liable. I hope the management of your own.
  • To be able to manage on their own, thank you valuables. Please note valuables lost etc. in during the event, after the meeting, GUSK because you can not take responsibility.
  • Thank you for your cooperation in instruction GUSK, of the staff during the event.
  • So that it can be in the physical condition management on your own, thank you during the event of April 6.
  • Using your personal information obtained from the sign up form, GUSK sponsored future, there is a case where I am allowed to send the event information and the like run.
  • Please note that we have the assembly of the event for the purpose of exchange with foreigners, because it does not or adjust the ratio of Japanese and foreigners. However, we will contact you to place the case before the Japanese extremely large.


  • If it is a sign up in our event, I judge that you understand all the rules of this event, prohibitions, notes, would have agreed.
  • There is a case to change rules, prohibitions, notes if necessary, modify, and I am allowed to delete or add in this event. I will consider it as the guidance of on this site is the case. In addition, after the change rules, prohibitions, notes, modifications, additions have been published on this site, receive when participating in this event to continue, customers you understand the changes, which had an agreement with respect to the contents I judge the thing.



This(※) is mandatory. After receiving the transfer (immediately after application). → receive an email confirmation. → A procedure complete.

Participant information (Representative)

Email address (*)

Please fill out the following participant information (second ) ※ 2 or more people.

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Please fill out the following Questions

Questionnaire(*) How do you know the events?
Inquiry Please enter your inquiry. Please fill in your name here if you participate in three or more people.
Confirm(*) The confirmation screen is not displayed.

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When you check it, you can press send button.

Japanese company and International students exchanging party

Japanese company and International students exchanging party
December 4th 2014  6pm-9pm
“Great FUN Wedding”
〒810-0001 福岡市 Chuo-ku Tenjin4-3-20, 8th floor North Tenjin
1,000yen (Foreigners) 2,000yen (Japanese)
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