Japanese chatting salon vol3

Japanese chatting salon vol2

I have interviewed the students who participated in Japanese salon chatter of March 6, 2014. Many students from Nepal and China had participated in the event. Japanese chat salon has been held at the fifth floor of City Hall Fukuoka north annex, on third Thursday of each month. Japanese people who want to talk to international students is welcome. Let’s chatting happily together.


What is your name?


where are you from?



What makes you proud of your country?



What is your favorite place in Fukuoka?



What is your favorite shop in Fukuoka?


About Japanese chatting salon

Fukuoka International Association held Japanese talking Salon, in Fukuoka City Hall annex north 5F, which are held at 13:30 at the first and third Thursday of each month. It is intended that the international students to improve their Japanese. Please Join us International students who want to talk with Japanese and use the Japanese learned at school!

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福岡県伝統的工芸品 福岡県その風土と悠久の歴史のなかで生まれた、伝統的工芸品は、郷土福岡の人々は勿論、永く日本人の心をとらえ、その暮らしに根付いた生活品でした。日々用いる実用品であればこそ、愛着、安らぎ、癒しを感じることから、多くの人々に今日まで愛され続けているのではないでしょうか。このような福岡県の伝統的工芸品は「経済産業大臣より指定」をうけ、その高度な匠の技と伝統に育まれた優れた作品が多く生み出されており、現在7つの産地があります。
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