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If you would like to start international exchange but you do not know how to do it, or if you are interested in international exchange, but would like to take time, you should first try participating in a familiar event. Even with a word of international exchange, culture is quite different depending on the country and region. Of course the event organized will be totally different. There is no particular problem if the country or region you want to international exchange is decided, but if you are thinking about doing vague international exchanges or wishing to start right away, join the events of international exchange relations at random How to do is also effective. For example, seminars sponsored by consular US consulates, seminars by the Fukuoka Asia Business Center (, participation of events by the Japan-Australia Fukuoka Association ( ),
There are a wide variety of things. Although it lists only a few countries here, it is a must see because events of other countries are also carried out. Furthermore, it is also attractive that these hurdles are not high at the beginning of these events. Depending on the seminar, there are things that can be booked up to the day before, or things are free of charge, there are ways to participate in everything, but there are ways to select some things that you are interested in. In any case, It is important to have an interest. Participating in the seminar makes it possible to have a flexible idea for international exchange, it will be a good opportunity to break away from the existing image that it seems that it will take some time or you do not know how to do it. Participating in such an event should be an opportunity to be interested not only in languages ​​but also in culture.

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