Ikone Japanese restaurant,leisurely relax atmosphere

I visited “icone” in Imaizumi.

A restaurant “icone,” which is located at the corner of the way from Imaizumi Park to Yakuin, is like a hiding place.

Retro atmosphere

We can leisurely relax ourselves in such an atmosphere as the Japanese name tells us.

It looks like a room of apartment. I wonder if an office was renovated.

I heard that it opens not only at noon but also at night and that we can enjoy eating and drinking.



Today I ate chicken with rice.







This is macrobiotic so it’s good for health. In addition, it tastes good!!

We feel spring has come by eating field mustard, a vegetable in season.

Rice with mixed grains and miso soup with perilla especially taste good!

A daily lunch has main dish, two small bowls, rice with mixed grains, and miso soup.
It is 750 yen.

I saw Icone lunch boxes sold outside.

You can take a delivery service if you are close to icone.



Address : Fukuoka Prefecture, Fukuoka, Chuo Ward, Yakuin, 1 Chome−16−18 Ejima Building 1F

TEL : 092-771-3282

URL : www.sones.cc


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