Henry & Cowell

You like kakigori? You like pancakes? And on top you like it cute?

If you can at least answer two of the above questions with yes, Henry & Cowell is definitely a place to go.

Actually Henry & Cowell is a cake shop, where you can get really awesome decorated cakes (like a Merry-Go-Round for example), konpeito decorated cream puffs or cute shaped cupcakes and cookies.

But this summer, they have the cutest kakigori I’ve ever seen. On top of one (or two, or three) really fluffy pancake they put kakigori with an awesome texture, decorated with a bear face (the different parts are made of white chocolate).

You can chose between different sauces what will also change the appearance of the bear. I had a sweet milky sauce – a great choice in appearance (polar bear ⊂(一(工)一)⊃ ) and taste. By the way, my friend had a pancake with icecream mango and cream, the mango sauce was also delicious.

Since I had a really bad over sweet kakigori, which mostly consisted of hard pieces of ice, I really appreciate a soft and snow like kakigori. If you ever tasted and felt the difference, you know what I mean.

If I ever get the chance to go to Henry & Cowell again, I really want to try their cakes and cream puffs.

Photos by geza-marie


Henry & Cowell
1 Chome-3-11 Imaizumi
Chuo Ward, Fukuoka
Tel. 092-741-7888

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