Local cafe in fukuoka

Local café in fukuoka Hello everyone, it’s been a while. I haven’t posted for a long time since I did last summer. I was asked to post by many people. Thank you very much. By the way Today I would like to introduce a café. It is said that there…

minato cafe Breath

Let me introduce “Breath” food again today. 『pasta with cream sauce』         We get warm when we feel cold and eat cream.       information   Name:minato cafe Breath Web:http://www.breath-f.com Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/minatocafebreath?fref=ts Tell: 092-202-0011 Time:12:00~23:30

Atago Temple

The other day , I went to the shrine Atago. Located on the hill , sunset was beautiful to be able to overlook the Meinohama, fukuoka.


The other day, I went to Yakushima to see the oldest Yakusugi. Yakushima is located south to Kagoshima mainland and this is the very place which I’ve wanted to visit. This island is small enough for us to see around in a day. “Mononokehime” by Studio Ghibli is set in…


Kukai built Tochoji and this was his first time to build a temple in Japan. Fukuoka has a famous and overwhelming great Buddha so I introduce it. There are some buildings on the ground. This temple is located in the center of the city. When we go inside we will…

Sumiyoshi Shrine

The present shrine was restored in 1623 in the ancient architectural style of “Sumiyoshi-zukuri”. It is believed to be one of the older shrines in Kyushu and is dedicated to the guardian god of sailors.