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Kyushu Article Contest

  Let’s get the Kyushu tour tickets by writing your blog of Kyushu trip. I want to share this great contest “Kyushu Article Contest”. Its open worldwide for foreign visitors. Its very easy to participate and the prizes are very good!! You just need to write an article about somewhere…


Goodbeer faucets Hakata

GOODBEER FAUCETS “Goodbeer faucets Hakata”, which serves more than forty kinds of craft beer, opened in Hakata, Haruyoshi. They want to make it much easier for everyone to try craft beer carefully brewed in small breweries in the world and they also want everyone to know more about it in…


Ikone Japanese restaurant,leisurely relax atmosphere

I visited “icone” in Imaizumi. A restaurant “icone,” which is located at the corner of the way from Imaizumi Park to Yakuin, is like a hiding place. Retro atmosphere We can leisurely relax ourselves in such an atmosphere as the Japanese name tells us. It looks like a room of…


The best Yakiniku restaurant in fukuoka tenjin

Let me introduce something of a hidden way of eating Yakiniku. In Japan, we usually go out for eating Yakiniku when we give ourselves a reward. The history of Yakiniku In the Meiji period, Yakiniku started as a custom of eating sliced beef in Japan. This custom was rare not…


stylish taiyaki shop in fukuoka

I visited “Hiiragi” which is a stylish taiyaki shop. It is said that this shop opened in September, 2013.   The shop is based on a Japanese style and we feel comfortable. When we go inside, we get hungrier because of fragrance. If you are on a diet, I couldn’t…


Shiraito Fall in Itoshima

Are you enjoying summer? I went to Shiraito Fall in Itoshima when I had a day off. There are many rivers in Japan. Many people visit them in summer because it is cool around there. Shiraito Fall is one of the most famous falls in Fukuoka. It takes about one…


Local cafe in fukuoka

Local café in fukuoka Hello everyone, it’s been a while. I haven’t posted for a long time since I did last summer. I was asked to post by many people. Thank you very much. By the way Today I would like to introduce a café. It is said that there…


minato cafe Breath

Let me introduce “Breath” food again today. 『pasta with cream sauce』         We get warm when we feel cold and eat cream.       information   Name:minato cafe Breath Web: Facebook: Tell: 092-202-0011 Time:12:00~23:30



When Linnea was here visiting we went to Nokonoshima wich was so beautiful with all the blooming cherry trees and the big field with yellow flowers. So i wanted to bring my parents there when they came to visit, and it was just as beautiful this time! They plant different…